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Death, FVCK YOU!

Death, FVCK YOU! 

A majority of people, at least the ones I have asked, are afraid of death. A few have reconciled themselves to it while others are indifferent. Personally, it scares me, and now more than ever because I want to be present for my humans for as long as I can.

In the time between my late teens and early twenties, I really did not have any kind of relationship with death. Not to say that I did not know people who had died, but they were so far removed from me that I never really experienced the deep sense of loss that comes with death. 

But life has a way of putting experiences in your path (that you somehow handle); experiences that you previously imagined you would never make it out of, alive.

Anyways, back to death. F.U.C.K you!

Excuse me, death, who gave you the right to show up without invitation? People are going about their business as usual and just like that, you show up unannounced! How rude! Honestly, what makes you think you can just rock up and take a life that was not ready to be taken? For instance, what business do you have taking away infants? What did they ever do to you? Have you no consideration for the parents that bore that child? Have you any idea how much it takes to grow a human for nine months? How do you just show up and claim it like it was nothing? Don’t even get me started on the ones you take even before they are born. Puh!

How about those people who leave their homes going to work, or school or are just hanging and then you decide, today is the day. Have you no shame, robbing the world of the next great genius, or inventor, or someone who might possibly have been the one to discover the cure for cancer? No, you just show your face and claim them, for shits and giggles.

How about the cases where you dangle a carrot and for just a moment we truly believe that the ill person will get better, then you whack us all with a stick, the stick of death!  You honestly don’t expect me to believe that you were not just being sadistic, watching everyone begin to hope, as you silently waited in the corner, then struck, because you could? The audacity of it!!

So you rock up, do your thing, no warning, no goodbyes, no parting shot. We get absolutely nothing but pain and sorrow from you. Do you ever look back at the loss, sadness and grief you leave behind? 

Grief strikes when least expected. When a scent reminds you of a departed one. When you see their face in the offspring they left behind. When you hear a song that they loved to dance to. Even mundane shit like the way somebody phrases a sentence can take you back to someone who spoke in the same way but is now no more.

At times, grief strikes hard, like a real punch in the gut that leaves one reeling and gasping for breath. It clouds your mind like a fog and you shed silent tears, at times alone, at times in the middle of your status update meeting. This is not only embarrassing, because everyone looks at you like you are mental, but is also difficult to explain. Harder still if the loss was not recent, but in that particular moment, it feels as real as the day the person died. 

Why do you do us dirty, death? Huh? Why?

Granted, we can’t live forever, but honestly, is it too much to ask for a chance at life? What is it about you that keeps you taking and taking but giving nothing in return, at least nothing that I would consider useful? 

When you take a person away, you take away a loved one. That person was someone’s child, sister, aunt, mother, cousin, grandparent, significant other. These people you took away were not just random lives. Their presence mattered to those they left behind.

Okay, allow me to speculate for the next five seconds. Let’s assume the life that you took away was one of a criminal. Are you honestly gonna sit there with a straight face and try to convince me that that life did not matter? There is no justification for your actions. Criminals need reformation, death can’t be the solution to resolving crime. That’s my personal opinion by the way, don’t get your panties in a bunch. I honestly wonder what you tell yourself to sleep at night? Do you even sleep?

Shush!! Don’t even try to redeem yourself. Everything you say right now sounds like a flimsy excuse.

Before I forget, what do you do with all the lives that you take? Where do they go? And how many will you take before you decide it’s enough? Or are you just naturally greedy?

For the life of me, pun intended, I don’t even know why I am still talking to you.

Anyway, thanks for the reminder that we need to appreciate the life we have, every single day, you sneaky little bastard!

Fvck you!

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