Muriuki Wachira, First Time Father

GirlDad to Nia, 4 months old

At first I panicked. I was not ready, same as 90% of people who just discover they are going to be parents. 

So here comes the baby, a beautiful human. Innocent, peaceful human being. She is different every, I learn. I am getting to know her. I am provoked to take up new responsibilities.

When I first saw her in the nursery, I was high on emotions, not even certain of what I was feeling or experiencing. There was just a rush of any and every emotion one can experience. The first time I held her, I was scared because she was so fragile and I was worried I would break her. Eventually, I got around to it and I have enjoyed holding her ever since.

She’s a blessing, and she has brought lots of love to us from nuclear and extended family, friends, and loved ones. She brings a reason to live and keep pressing on each day. 

So fatherhood, for me, is a journey that I am learning day by day, keeping things positive as we move forward. 

I thank God every day for my little girl and will do whatever is humanly possible to provide for her needs and protect her.

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Ms. Kangai
Ms. Kangai
2 years ago

Beautiful, just beautiful

2 years ago

Love it!

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