Robertson Kabucho

GirlDad to …. 2 Years old.

It is an overwhelming weight of responsibility to carry, knowing there is a little one looking up to me wholesomely, moreso knowing it’s a load I will never lay down. That’s the feeling I have of being a father.

My wife and I have two children, a boy and a girl. Being a father to my two-year old daughter has been utter joy, day by day observing the person she’s growing into. It is significant for me because unlike my son, I am conscious she is growing up in a world or society where most of the socio-economic systems are skewed against women. And patriarchy still dominates. It therefore becomes my responsibility to be intentional in raising her to overcome the related obstacles. To demonstrate by words and actions that there isn’t and there shouldn’t be non-biological differences between women and men, what they can do and accomplish. To also raise her brother under the same ideology. So that now and in years to come, she, and her brother, can always, genuinely, sing “my daddy is the best, the best there ever was”.

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