David Njenga

GirlDad to Natalia, 12 years old

Having a daughter is a beautiful experience – it is an amazing journey that inspires, models and influences the girl child to take up the beautiful role of being a beacon in the next generation. 

I have a 12-year old daughter, Natalia, who is not only kind and caring, but ambitious and warm. My biggest fear (and I am sure this is common in most Dads) is what kind of an adult she will  turn out to be (this world can be cruel). My approach in raising her is simply being open and honest.

I try to help her understand that life is a collection of situations, choices and consequences. How she decides to deal with each situation that comes her way, will either build her or destroy her (and then build her). So we talk about literally everything – God, family, career, sex, drugs, food, alcohol, boys, parties, music, tik-tok, self-care, Ariana Grande, discipline, presentation, tomato sauce, confidence, heartbreak, behaviour, handwriting, Carrefour, her annoying deskmate (so she says) – the list is endless! I try to leave some topics for her mum. 

Most importantly, I am the first man in her life, and I want her to learn as much as I can teach her. Then leave the rest to God. 

It’s fun being a Dad to my beautiful daughter.

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