/ ˈlelo /


  1. Outspoken, quarrelsome, aggressive
  2. Said of a woman who has these traits

The term ‘lelo’ in luo has been used to describe women who are perceived to be loud, aggressive and opinionated. It usually carries a negative connotation. Growing up, it was a term my family used to describe me. Earlier on, it would get to me but as I got older, I embraced it.  So much so that it was, without a doubt, the perfect term to use when putting this platform together.

Lelo Speaks started as a not-so-silent thought that haunted me in bed, in the car and when my mind wandered off mid-conversation. Two years of thinking and not doing. Allowing the fear of failing, of being judged for sharing my opinions, for voicing  my experiences and consequently, of the people I am experiencing life with.

As ng’a ma lelo  (Dholuo for  women who are loud and aggressive), LeloSpeaks is a space to get heard without judgement. A space to speak our minds,  voice a thought, share an opinion. Have something to say about your life experiences as a woman? Email it to us on yourtake@lelospeaks.co.ke and we will publish it! 

I am not promising you mind-blowing experiences, but I do hope you take something new or useful everytime you come on here. I welcome you to laugh, cry and occasionally get angry with me in the experiences I share.